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Grey Currawong
Strepera versicolor

The Grey Currawong is a fairly common bird throughout the outhern parts of Australia and is quite variable in its appearance, ranging from mid-grey, through black and brown plumages depending on subspecies. This particular bird is of subspecies plumbea which ranges from the central coast of SA through to a little north of Perth (plus a small isolated population in the SA/WA/NT corner). As with other currawongs, they are large birds at 45-53 cm in length, making them slightly larger than the Pied Currawong, which occurs down the eastern side of Australia and the Black Currawong of Tasmania. They are omnivorous, feeding on invertebrates, reptiles, mammals and birds, plus whatever they can scrounge from humans.

Grey Currawong

1: Dryandra Woodland, WA, 30/09/2012.