Nankeen Kestrel
Falco cenchroides

Nankeen Kestrels are native to Australia and a few places to the north including New Guinea. As with other kestrels, they hover and mainly catch insects and small mammals for food. The first two are of a female, which has darker markings on the breast. The third is a male, which has a grey head. The name Nankeen comes from a corruption of Nanking, where a yellow type of cloth came from and the name attaches to several Australian plants and animals that have buff or yellow colouring. They are 30-35 cm in length with a 60-80 cm wingspan.

Nankeen Kestrel female

Nankeen Kestrel female

Nankeen Kestrel male

1-2: Long Reef, NSW, 26/02/2011.

3: Newcastle, NSW, 15/08/2010.