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Shy Albatross
Thalassarche cauta

Shy Albatrosses are medium-sized Albatrosses (90-99 cm in length, 220256 cm wingspan), lighter in colour than the Black-browed Albatross with a mostly grey, yellow-tipped beak. Taxonomically, there a few schools of thought with either four subspecies, three species or four species, depending on who you're asking. The first bird is an adult of the nominate race cauta and the second is a juvenile of race steadii, also known as the White-capped Albatross which considered to be a seperate species by some.

Shy Albatross

juvenile White-capped Albatross

1: South Pacific, off Wollongong, 25/06/2011.
2: South Pacific, off Sydney, 14/08/2010.