Common Blackbird
Turdus merula

Common Blackbirds are (as the name suggests) common across Europe and parts of Asia and have also been introduced to many other parts of the world, such as New Zealand where they have become abundant. The males (first photo) are black with orange eye rings and beaks, although sometimes can be from yellow to red depending on diet. Females (photos 2 and 3) are dull brown with lighter speckled breasts and juveniles (photo 4) are a warm brown with yellowish spots. They have a varied diet, including items such as invertebrates, seeds and fruit. They are often a common garden bird and can become very tame. Their nests are very neat with a soft cup of fibres in the centre and the eggs are turquoise with brown speckles. The Blackbird's song is a an attractive song, heard all through the day along with its alarm calls - one a noisy, descending series of notes and the other when predators are present is a high-pitched 'tsee'.

Common Blackbird male

Common Blackbird female

Common Blackbird female

Common Blackbird juvenile

1: Riverside Park, Southampton, 30/04/2013.
2: Bowling Green Marsh RSPB, Devon, 03/12/2006.
3: Bowling Green Marsh RSPB, Devon, 10/01/2007.
4: Frogmore, Hampshire, 28/06/2006.