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Great Crested Grebe
Podiceps cristatus

Great Crested grebes are one of the most attractive birds in Britain, but were very nearly wiped out in the late 1800s due to the hat trade as their plumes were considered very fashionable. At one point, there were only 46 pairs, but since they have recovered well. The chicks are black and white-striped (as seen in picture 3). Picture 4 is an adult in Winter plumage, when they lose the crests. Picture 5 is of an adult coming into its summer plumage.

Great Crested Grebe  Great Crested Grebe

Great Crested Grebe

Great Crested Grebe  Great Crested Grebe

1: Sandford Lake, Dinton Pastures LNR, 02/05/2006.
2-3: Radipole Lake RSPB, Weymouth, 16/06/2006.
4: Black Swan Lake, Dinton Pastures, 02/01/2007.
5: Lavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures LNR, 02/02/2007.