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Anas platyrhynchos

The most common and familiar type of duck. They can be found almost anywhere in Britain and are often very tame. The familiar ‘quack’ is made by the female, whereas the male usually only makes a ‘rhaeb’ sound. The first photo is an adult male, the second an adult female.

Mallard  Mallard

Mallard  Mallard

These are broods of ducklings:


Mallards can often show variations in pigmentation. The first is lacking melanin (leucism) and the second has an excess (melanism).

Mallard  Mallard

1-2: Sandhurst Balancing Pond, 20/01/2006.
3: River Exe, Topsham, 24/01/2006.
4: Radipole Lake RSPB, 26/01/2006.
5: River Blackwater, Hawley Meadows, 18/04/2006.
6: The Gravel Pit, Yateley, 06/05/2005.
7: Frogmore, 30/06/2006.
8: Trilakes Country Park, Yateley, 07/02/2006.