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(Common) Starling
Sturnus vulgaris

A common and noisy bird that can be found from cities to countryside, usually in chattering groups, either scavenging scraps in town or grubbing for worms and seeds in fields. Starlings are very good mimics when they feel like it and can impersonate other birds and man-made sounds. One Starling outside the Studentís Union at the University of Southampton had an impressive repertoire of mobile ring tones. The first two photos are of adult winter birds and the last two are of first-winter birds.

(Common) Starling

(Common) Starling

(Common) Starling  (Common) Starling

1: Selsey, 27/09/2006.
2: Southsea, 01/11/2006.
3-4: Crewkerne, Somerset, 26/07/05.