Japanese Birds

Japan, like much of East Asia, is a meeting place of Eurasian and Australasian species, being at one end of the East Asia Flyway where migrating shorebirds come up from their wintering grounds in Australasia to the region. While the birding is best in winter when influxes of ducks, buntings and finches swell the number of species present, there are interesting birds present all year. Given the hugely built-up nature of large parts of Japan, you sometimes get the sight of small patches of protected wetlands and reserves in the middle of the urban sprawl, such as Yatsu Higata - a Ramsar site that exists as a tiny pocket of wetlands in the middle of a Tokyo suburb.

Brown-eared Bulbul
Black-tailed Gull  


Brown-eared Bulbul  
Common Greenshank  
Eastern Spot-billed Duck  
Eurasian Tree Sparrow  
Great Cormorant  
Large-billed Crow  
Little Egret  
Little Tern  
Oriental Turtle Dove  
White-cheeked Starling  
White Wagtail  

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