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New Zealand birds

A week's holiday in New Zealand gave enough photos to warrant a new section. I've divided the birds into three categories: native, translocated (native, but moved elsewhere in the country) and introduced. Where applicable, I've included the Maori name for each bird.


Native birds
The native birdlife of New Zealand is a mixture of species unique to NZ, birds that exist in several countries and recently self-introduced Australian species.
Great Egret


Kelp Gull
New Zealand Bellbird
New Zealand Fantail
Paradise Shelduck
Pied Cormorant
Purple Swamphen
Red-billed Gull
Sacred Kingfisher
South Island Pied Oystercatcher
Variable Oystercatcher
Welcome Swallow
Translocated birds
Unfortunately, many New Zealand species are close to extinction, or have been rescued from the brink. Many species are highly vulnerable to introduced predators such as rats, stoats and possums and their survival depended on the remaining populations being removed to predator-free islands and reserves.
Introduced birds
Many species of bird have been introduced to New Zealand from Europe, Australia and elsewhere. In some cases, they compete against native species, whereas others have found empty ecological niches.
Brown Quail
Common Blackbird
Common Pheasant
House Sparrow
Song Thrush

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Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi - describes one of New Zealand's most important and most accessible reserves for endangered NZ species.
Miranda Shorebird Reserve - one of the best sites for waders and much more in New Zealand.