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Brush Bronzewing
Phaps elegans

The generally-less common cousin of the Common Bronzewing, the Brush Bronzewing can be found along the southern coastal regions of Australia, overlapping with the Common throughout. In the east, they are usually scarce while the WA population is easier to find. The Brush is a little smaller than the Common (28-31 cm in length compared to 32-36 cm for Common) and has a deep chestnut back compared to the grey of the Common. They are generally found in scrub and heath (especially so in WA) and sometimes lightly forested areas. The call is a repetitive 'hoop' that can continue for some time. The greyish forehead on this bird indicates it is a female as the male has a yellow-buff patch there.

Brush Bronzewing

1: Cheynes Beach, WA, 29/09/2012.