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Scarlet Robin
Petroica boodang

Scarlet Robins are small insectivorous birds found from far southern Queensland through to the Eyre Peninsular of WA, Tasmania and southern WA. Their plumage is very similar to the closely-related Flame Robin, which competes for breeding space, but is migratory whereas Scarlet Robins mostly remain all year. Other similar robins include Rose, Pink and Red-capped Robins, which are often found in similar areas. Scarlet Robins form life-long pairs that keep a territory all year round. As with all of the petroica robins, they are quite small (12 - 14 cm). Their similarity in appearance to European Robins is a case of convergent evolution as the two are only distantly related within the passerines.

Scarlet Robin

1: Victoria Dam, Lesmurdie, WA, 30/09/2012.