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Australian frogs

Frogs are the only native amphibians in Australia and they occur in a wide variety through most types of habitat. Sadly, many species of frog are under threat from climate change and fungal diseases. Another problem is the introduction of the Cane Toad, which not only displaces many frogs from their native habitats, but even eats smaller frogs.

Cogger's Frog

Hylidae (Tree frogs)
Rocket Frog  



Dainty Tree Frog  
Peron's Tree Frog  
Australian Green Tree Frog  
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog  
Wilcox's Frog  
Jungguy Frog  
White-lipped Tree Frog  
Eastern Banjo Frog
Spotted Grass Frog
Striped Marsh Frog
Cogger's Frog
Cane Toad

M. J. Tyler and F. Knight, Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia, 2nd edition, 2011.