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Australian reptiles

Reptiles are a common feature of Australia fauna, from sea turtles and crocodiles in the tropical north to skinks on walls in cities.

Gould's Goanna


Usually noctural reptiles that are insectivores, known for being able to cling to surfaces.
Hemidactylus geckoes
Asian House Gecko   new 19/03/2012




Gehyra geckoes (Dtellas)
Eastern Dtella   new 19/03/2012


A diverse range of small to medium lizards that are present over much of the world.
Ctenotus skinks
Royal Ctenotus
Ctenotus schomburgkii
Copper-tailed Skink
Egernia skinks
Cunningham's Skink
Eulamprus skinks
Alpine Water Skink
Eastern Water Skink
Tiger Skink
  new 19/03/2012
Lamphropholis skinks
Garden Skink


Small to large lizards, usually diurnal. 70 species in Australia.
Ctenophorus dragons
Mallee Military Dragon
Painted Dragon
Hypsilurus dragons
Boyd's Forest Dragon
  new 19/03/2012
Physignathus dragons
Australian Water Dragon

Monitors and goannas

Medium to large lizards found across the warmer parts of the world, including the fearsome Komodo Dragon. Goanna and monitor can be freely interchanged, the former being a corruption of 'iguana'.
Gould's Goanna
Lace Monitor


There are a multitude of snakes in Australia, many of which are highly dangerous as well as those that are harmless.
Colubrid snakes
Keelback Snake
  new 19/03/2012

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